Yamaha MOTIF ES8
Yamaha MOTIF ES8

MOTIF ES8, Workstation from Yamaha in the MOTIF series.

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ericthegreat 22/09/2011

Yamaha MOTIF ES8 : Recensione di ericthegreat (content in English)


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I have many years of experience in the music field. I started to learn music when I was a kid using YAMAHA PSS680. Then I changed my keyboard several times(PSR 500-PSR 740). In 2005 I went for total software solution( DAW- VSI). During the last 5 years I lost a lot of my creativity and productivity since the work flow was not convenient( PC crashes- software incompatibility -low quality samples-.......) and I did not realized that until I bought MOTIF es 8 in 2010 and the pains gone for ever!!!!!


It is an incredible device. Before my purchase I did an extensive research to find out which brand has the best sounds. I checked the Roland Fantom G / Kurzweil PC3X / KORG m3 and Yamaha MOTIF es.
The motif was a head and a shoulder above all of them regarding the sound quality. Recently I tested the Motif XF against the Korg kronos
(patch comparison) and the quality of the Motif sounds were better. Of course I know that this quality thing is totally subjective.


But I want to say that Don't believe the hypes. The specification is something on the paper but you have to listen to the sounds. Motif is a deep machine and you can tweak the sounds and you have limitless options.


Buy the motif and five years later when you feel the sounds are dated(which won't) you can buy 2GB flash ROM and suddenly you have a new synth !!! 88 keys is huge difference from 61 keys I had before. Now I can finally have convenient full range control over my software VST Instruments. I would guess the only disadvantages for some would be its weight, but since I use it in studio it's not a disadvantage for me. I ask myself, Do you really need that expensive synth? I guess only you yourself will be able to answer this question, as for me, I feel it worth every penny.