Yamaha MOTIF 6
Yamaha MOTIF 6

MOTIF 6, Workstation from Yamaha in the MOTIF series.

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R-skillz 25/07/2011

Yamaha MOTIF 6 : Recensione di R-skillz (content in English)

"Yamaha Motif 6 Review"

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The YAMAHA MOTIF 6 is a 61 keys synthesiser keyboard, it uses synthesis type AWM2 and has a polyphony of 62 Notes which is expandable with Modular Synthesis Plug-in System boards.

The motif 6 has 384 voice presets + 48 Drum kits
The motif also has several effects like: Reverb x 12 types, Chorus x 25 types, Insertion 1 x 25 types,Insertion 2 x 104 types, Variation x 25 types (available for Performance/Song), Master Equalizer (5 bands),Plug-in Insertion (available when the PLG100-VH is installed in slot.


You can easily edit the sounds cutoff filter, resonance, frequency levels (Low, Mid etc.)

And adding a reverb or delay is also as simple as turning a knob.

The user manual is clear and provides all information you need to get started.


The acoustic sounds are real nice fresh and realistic.

The synth sounds are powerful and FATT!! (I dont like them all tho)

The Reverb and delay effects sound good but i rather apply those effects in my DAW.


I really like the motif because it is real versatile, it has different sounds and for every music genre.

I think its a good value for the money because i can use most of the sounds in my music production.