Morley Tremonti Wah
Morley Tremonti Wah

Tremonti Wah, Wah Wah/Auto Wah/Filtro Chitarra from Morley.

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glassjaw7 17/03/2011

Morley Tremonti Wah : Recensione di glassjaw7 (content in English)

"Switchless wah with a wide sweep. Cut through the mix!"

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The Mark Tremonti Signature Wah pedal is the result of a collaboration between rock guitarist Mark Tremonti (Alter Bridge, Creed) and Morley.

The Wah features a switchless design which means that the user doesn't have to push the pedal down and click a toggle switch to engage the effect. Just by placing your foot on the rocker pedal and moving it, the effect engages. The rocker is spring loaded and by removing your foot, it returns to its original position and the effect disengages! This is extremely handy in live performances, especially for someone with a single-tracked mind like myself! No more worrying about turning the wah off after your big solo, just take your foot off and you're done!
There is also a trim pot inside the unit that let's you set the trail-off time of the effect.

As if the great design wasn't enough, Morley also included a "wah boost" knob that lets you dial in a predetermined boost value for kicking your leads into high gear and making them sure to be noticed!

The pedal has a built-in buffer circuit that is made to drive long cables and retain clarity in your signal. I'm not sure that I like this feature, as it seems to affect the way that certain pedals react that follow in its signal path. I prefer a hard-bypassed signal, but it's not necessarily a bad thing. Many players don't even hear the effect of the buffer. Maybe it's all in my head!

The pedal runs is powered by a standard 9 volt battery that can easily be accessed by a plate on the bottom of the unit. Just push the latch open and take the cover off for access. An adapter can also be used such as the Visual Sound One-Spot, or Voodoo Lab Pedal Power.

I have to mention that the rubber diamond plate tread on the rocker and the rubber pads on the bottom of my unit actually melted off of the pedal shortly after I bought it...It had been extremely hot and humid in our rehearsal space and my guess is that's what caused it.
I super-glued them back on and they've been fine since, but this needs to be addressed if it hasn't already. I would have rated this section a 10 if not for that issue. That knocked it down to a 9.


Step on it to engage the effect. Take your foot off to disengage. Set the wah boost knob to taste. It doesn't get any easier than that!


I decided to buy the Tremonti Wah because I wanted a unit with an extended range and a sound that would cut through a dense mix. I also liked the idea of the switchless design. I had been playing a Jimi-Hendrix Crybaby and felt that for the style of music I was playing (modern rock/metal) the Crybaby wasn't cutting through, had a very limited middle "sweet spot", and it seemed like the effect wasn't audible when playing bends or legato runs on the high E string. It was as though all of the vocal in between sounds weren't coming through and the sound jumped from backed off to all the way in toe-down position. There was no middle sweet spot in the sweep range. (not to say the Hendrix Crybaby is a bad pedal, it just wasn't for me)

The Tremonti delivered everything I was looking for, and then some! It is voiced perfectly for heavy gain with enough clarity to cut through and remain present at all times, but without fatiguing the ears. The boost is a well thought out addition as it kicks in just a bit more edge and volume. Leads just jump out when using this wah!

Removing your foot from the rocker pedal automatically shuts off the effect, but not before the wah effect trails off for a brief moment. Even with the internal trim pot dialed all the way down for minimal trail-off time, there is still a short delay. This can be a bit annoying when you want the effect to stop at the exact moment you take your foot off of the rocker, but it is a small sacrifice considering the ease of use and performance you get in return.

The other small drawback to this pedal is that the wah sounds aren't made for clean tones. If you're a funk/r&b player, look elsewhere. The Tremonti retains its sharp attack on clean tones and can make them sound shrill. But if you're buying this pedal, you're most likely a rock or metal guitarist and that's what it's made for, so no worries!


The only negatives about this unit I can point out are the cheap rubber diamond plate tread and stopper pads on the bottom, and the buffer in the circuit, which seems to color certain overdrives that follow it in the signal chain.

The Mark Tremonti signature Wah from Morley is an outstanding pedal for the rock or metal guitarist seeking a unique and cutting wah tone with an extremely vocal sweep range. Buy one and you may never go back to the traditional switched design!

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