Moollon Vintage Wah
Moollon Vintage Wah

Vintage Wah, Wah Wah/Auto Wah/Filtro Chitarra from Moollon.

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denied 29/04/2011

Moollon Vintage Wah : Recensione di denied (content in English)

"One of the best sounding wahs I have used"

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- Handwired

- Welded enclosure

- High quality components and built

- Vintage voiced

- Engraved artwork

- Split or True bypass (by order, nonswitchable)

- Surface tread for ease of grip


Wah pedals are some of the most simple to use. Plug in, engage. The pedal controls an EQ sweep, at the toe down position it highlights the treble frequencies, as the foot is brought back the sweep moves into the lower frequencies.

I was a little disappointed to find some quality issues with the pedal, considering I dropped close to $200 on it. Do keep in mind I picked it up used, this is not necessarily a reflection on Moollon. But I found that the sweep itself was pretty stiff, not silky smooth like other high end wahs I've used. The rubber towards the front was also very low, it doesn't soften the click of the pedal at all.

Otherwise the pedal is very well put together. The handwiring is immaculate. It is also really cool to see hand welded oxidation marks on the inside of the pedal, no cast enclosures here.

I would recommend taking some time deciding between split and true bypass. There is a lot of hype about true bypass these days, but the buffered treble loss does contribute to more of a vintage tone on the bypassed signal.


The sound is simply to die for. It is based on a a number of vintage wah pedals from the 60s, and that tone is pretty much captured in this pedal. I ended up ditching another expensive wah when I picked this one up.
Full and throaty without sounding piercing highs.


Moollon is based in Korea and not very well known in the US at the moment. I forsee that changing. Their pedals sound great, and just look awesome. Very impressed with the vintage wah. They aren't cheap, but well worth it. This one has a permanent spot on my board.