Budda Budwah
Budda Budwah

Budwah, Wah Wah/Auto Wah/Filtro Chitarra from Budda.

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denied 20/05/2011

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"Excellent Funky Wah Pedal"

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- True bypass

- Low, focused sweep

- Side mounted jacks

- Rubber grip top, chrome sides

- Solid enclosure

- Great build job, high quality components.

- Powered by 9v battery, or standard Boss style adapter


As with the majority of Wahs, very straightforward to use. Push down into the toe position to turn it on, heel position to turn it off.

I've never had any issues in terms of quality or reliability. Well built, high quality components, never had an issue. The true bypass is a great addition.

Some versions of this have a plastic battery cover on the bottom which can be a pain. I just pull it off and cover the space with velcro.


There are actually three versions of this pedal. The new one, which is kinda junky in my experience, and two old ones. The oldest has a black logo and no bottom battery cover. This one sounds the best, by consensus and experience. There is also another one with a red logo and battery cover, which also sounds great.

I've heard the sweep of this pedal described as "only the frequencies you will need." Pretty much sums it up. It is a very closed sweep, and stays away from those piercing highs, so you don't need to worry about pressing toe down.

The sound itself is on the lower side of things, very funky. Full and throaty, no nothing thin here.


While the massive low end on this wah might not be for everyone, it is really incredible. Built well, sounds great, definitely brings the funk. It isn't really a reproduction of a vintage clyde sound (there are plenty of those out there..) but something new and different. I eventually switched over to a Moollon Vintage wah, but for what this one does, it is great. The prices on the old ones can be a little weird, I've seen them go for as low as 100 and as high as $250. It really depends on how many people are searching for one at any given time.

Highly recommended.