Budda Budwah
Budda Budwah

Budwah, Wah Wah/Auto Wah/Filtro Chitarra from Budda.

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ibanez4life SZ! 09/04/2011

Budda Budwah : Recensione di ibanez4life SZ! (content in English)

"Clean or Shredding...a must have wah!"

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This is a very simple ‘no frills’ wah pedal, similar in form to your standard dunlop crybaby. It features standard ¼” in and out jacks, options to be powered by 9V battery or an AC adapter, and a standard potentiometer driving the ‘wah’. Unique to the Bud-wah is the light purple color and chrome ‘rocker’ portion…who doesn’t like purple? :p


Using the Bud-wah is no harder than using any other wah pedal. The pedal activates and de-actives in the toe down position, so step on it, and ‘wah’ to your hearts desire. The switch isn’t nearly as ‘stiff’ as some crybaby wah pedals I have used before, making it easier to turn the effect on and off. The rocking motion of the pedal is very smooth.


I have been through a lot of wah pedals, and the bud-wah has always been the top of the heap for me. It works great in both clean and high gain modes. I love the sweep range on the pedal-simply put, it is just enough for a great range of expression. When playing clean, it has the perfect amount of quack to it. One will have no problem getting funky if that is the tone desired. In high gain territory, the sound of the pedal stays very smooth and pleasant. This was a big deal for me, as many wah pedals seem to get harsh and piercing in the upper range of the sweep. Though pleasant, when you need it to scream, it is there. I also like how the pedal actually responds when playing in the upper register. Many other wah pedals seem to do little to nothing when on the upper frets of the E and B strings.


This is easily my favorite wah pedal. Whether you are a clean player or shredder, this is a great wah to try. It’s really quite fascinating how a wah with no tonal tweaking features (like found on the Dunlop 535q) can offer such a great range of sounds, but I guess Buddah just got it right. Big kudos from me!