Samson Technologies C01U

C01U, USB microphone from Samson Technologies in the USB Microphone series.

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JayDMusic 18/07/2010

Samson Technologies C01U : Recensione di JayDMusic (content in English)

"Good USB Mic"

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This is a USB condenser microphone from Samson. It's got a USB connection, making the need for an external mixer, internal soundcard, or external interface moot. It plugs directly in as an accessory and is treated by the computer as so. There is very little latency.


What I like most about it is the USB connectivity. While it's not Firewire, there's very little latency, a surprisingly small amount of latency, for a USB device. It's great for people just starting out that cannot afford a mixer, soundcard, or interface, yet still wants the condenser-quality sound on the computer as opposed to using a 1/8" jack mic or the mic on the laptop screen to record. It's got a clean sound, unusual for a mic this cheap, and it comes bundled with some good software, namely, Sonar LE, a great little workstation. I'd recommend this microphone to anybody who's on a budget that doesn't include an interface or mixer.