Samson Technologies C01U

C01U, USB microphone from Samson Technologies in the USB Microphone series.

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mitchgeist 14/11/2012

Samson Technologies C01U : Recensione di mitchgeist (content in English)


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This product produces great sound at an incredibly low price. This mic produces sound that compares well with others costing hundreds more, and I'm quite fond of it. Cosmetically, it was perfect, no blemishes, dents or missing finish. Everything appeared aligned perfectly. It seems quite rugged and is heavy. I've had the product for about 90 days now and have had no problems, I use it nearly everyday.The software could be better, and because of no live playback, you have to watch your levels instead of listening for them. (You can use a software playback, but because of the disconcerting delay that it causes, I find it easier to watch.)


OVerall it is a great microphone for the price. For everyday use and for a portable setup I would look into buying this product. I would buy this microphone again if given the facts.