M-Audio MobilePre
M-Audio MobilePre

MobilePre, USB audio interface from M-Audio in the MobilePre series.

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sw80 18/11/2012

M-Audio MobilePre : Recensione di sw80 (content in English)

"Very good deal, comes with Pro Tools SE"

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The Mobile Pre is a basic 2 in and 2 out interface that has zero latency monitoring. It is one of the most affordable interfaces on the market and it also comes with Pro Tools SE to record with. There are 2 preamps on this model from M Audio. The preamps are decent, but nothing that I would want to use long term. When using this interface it will really depend on which microphone you will be using with it. It is phantom powered and it does not require you to have it plugged into a wall because the power runs from the USB connection to your computer.


Setting the Mobile Pre up is really quick, just like most of the other interfaces from M Audio. It will only take a few minutes to load the drivers and if you want to load up Pro Tools SE it may take a few more minutes depending on how fast your computer is. You can use this interface in almost any DAW that you want, I have used it with Pro Tools SE and with Cubase the most.


The sound you will get form recording with this interface is nothing to brag about but it will get the job done for the time being. You will need to have a good microphone to make up for the preamp quality. The interface itself is made out of a plastic material and does not seem to be able to stand any drops or abuse. Not that I would expect it to because it only cost 99 bucks.


The best part of this interface is that it comes with Pro Tools SE, this version of Pro Tools comes stocked with a lot of VST instruments and can work on your PC and your MAC computers. It is a basic version of Pro Tools because it will only allow you to record up to so many tracks but it is a great foundation to learning Pro Tools for a beginner.