M-Audio Fast Track C600
M-Audio Fast Track C600

Fast Track C600, USB audio interface from M-Audio in the Fast Track series.

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stompboxjon 30/08/2012

M-Audio Fast Track C600 : Recensione di stompboxjon (content in English)

"Upgrade from the 410"

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The M Audio Fast Track C600 was a completely different design than any of the other interfaces M Audio has created over the years. I was really surprised with the way they stepped outside of the box and created the C600. The C600 is the upgraded from the M Audio Firewire 410 which I also owned for a while. The C600 has a very low Noise and works great in Acid Pro and in Cubase, even used it in FL Studio from time to time just for a few small projects locally.


Setting the M Audio Fast Track C600 up was very simple and easy to do, there weren’t any out of the ordinary problems that we ran into while setting it up. It is very similar to the 410 from M Audio so we already knew what to do. Drivers are very stable and I am pretty sure they may have got updated once.


No compatibility issues and no manual was needed to use and set up. Latency is extremely low, as it is with most M Audio interfaces. We have been using interfaces from M Audio for a long time now and each time we try a different one they seem to get better and better. I stand by the C600!


The least favorite thing about the M Audio Fast Track C600 is that the top part of the actual interface isn’t made of steel. It is made of plastic, which seemed a bit cheap. They put all that time into creating a great newly designed interface they should have made the top of it like the rest of it. But non the less, it works and looks great. I recommend using it if you are looking into M Audio’s interfaces. We have tried its previous model which was the FireWire 410 and it worked great, but the C600 has it beat. Give this a shot.