M-Audio Fast Track Usb
M-Audio Fast Track Usb

Fast Track Usb, USB audio interface from M-Audio in the Fast Track series.

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WuTangSht 16/12/2010

M-Audio Fast Track Usb : Recensione di WuTangSht (content in English)

"Very good to start off."

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The M-Audio Fast Track USB is very small, so its characteristics aren't so amazing, but it was great to start off with. I bought the M-Audio Fast Track USB so I could use Pro Tools pretty much. I use the M-Audio Fast Track USB with Pro Tools 8 M-Powered and i connect my headphones, microphones and turntables to it.
You have 1 XLR Input, 1 Line instrument input, 1 L/R Output and the USB Connection. I use it to start my Pro Tools and record with it. I use it with a MacBook Pro and it's very useful.


The M-Audio Fast Track USB is updated a lot and the latency is normal. Nothing big, nothing out of this world. The drivers are very stable though. I downloaded the driver once, and never had to change anything, just stayed perfect. I always use Pro Tools and rarely GarageBand. The M-Audio Fast Track USB can record just 1 track at a time, but I'm a beat prodcuer, so i do things at once. You can have over 100 tracks in Pro Tools so it's not so big of a deal.


It was kind of hard to get it started because the driver CD wasn't working, so I had to find the site and download it there. But after that, it was all good. The manual was confusing and hard to follow. I had to go online and check things out myself which wasn't very convinient. The setup is very simple. You just connect it and you're ready to go. It's typical functions are easy to access as well. Once you connect it, you're done.


I like that it was cheap and good for what I wanted which was just start up Pro Tools. It has good quality sound a no hiss at all. It is very small and has 1 of everything, there's no variety but that's why it's cheap. The price was excellent and reasonable. I had no problem purchasing it. The sound quality is the best. It has a great sound and has no mass sound or hiss when connected. This was the first model I got and I'm happy with it. You should start off with this one first.