M-Audio Fast Track Pro
M-Audio Fast Track Pro

Fast Track Pro, USB audio interface from M-Audio in the Fast Track series.

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Marshall92 31/10/2008

M-Audio Fast Track Pro : Recensione di Marshall92 (content in English)


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M-audio’s fast track pro is a 4x4 Mobile Audio/Midi interface with preamps. It ships with Abelton live 4, which is a great software for someone just beginning in the world of recording music. I use Windows XP with a fairley new, cheap Dell computer and it runs flawlesly.What’s great about this particular interface is the extremely low latency; I have been using for over one year and have barely noticed any. The fast track pro has two front Mic/line inputs, which is something I love about it, there is no need to have to lurk behind the interface, the inputs are right there. Eight beside them is the level knob and two very handy buttons, the Mic/line button and the pad button, for when the signal you are trying to record is a little bit too much on the loud side. Beside that are the Mic volume knob and the Output volume knob, which I always found very convienient, because it sucks to have to get up and adjust the volume on your monitors, with the fast track pro you can do it without any effort. The last things on the front panel are the headphone volume knob and input. It really sucks that there is only one headphone input, but it’s something you can live with. On the back panel there s the midi inputs and outputs, 2 TRS inputs for outboard gear and 2 TRS outputs for your monitors. There are also the S/PIDF ins and outs, and the phantom power switch, which I really wish they put on the front panel because it gets annoying having to go behind the interface and switch it on and off. Last but not least is the power button and the AC input.


The Fast Track Pro is a bit difficlut to install, it took me a good 2 hours to do. Not because of compatibility issues though, the instructions in my personal opinion were just very hard to follow. Once you do get it up and going though, it works perfectly. I love the fast track pro and will not want a new interface for a long time.


The M-Audio drivers are super stable, i have not had a problem with them once since buying the fast Track Pro. They are never updated really, which i like, less work for me. I use the Fast Track Pro with Abelton Live 7 and it works great.You can record two tracks at the same time, and get almost no latency.


I have used the Fast Track Pro for about 2 years. My favorite part about it is the super low latency, the only downside to the Fast Track Pro for me is there are only 2 TRS outputs on the back so i can't have surround sound monitoring. I did not try other models before the Fast Track pro, however i am totaly convinced it is the best for the money and i would make the same choiuce to buy it over and over again.