Line 6 TonePort UX2
Line 6 TonePort UX2

TonePort UX2, USB audio interface from Line 6 in the TonePort series.

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Audiofanzine FR 10/03/2009

Line 6 TonePort UX2 : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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(Originally written by jool hobbit/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
I bought it thinking it would come in very handy to make quick demos.

It has the connections I was looking for, authentic guitar and bass sounds in every music style, vocals, etc.

I use it for demo tapes and it does a good job.

I have a Dual Core computer with 2 GB Ram and I haven't had a problem.

Line 6 is the best at guitar simulation!

Some presets are stunning!


1 - Install.

2 - Connect.

3 - Play.

Take a quick look at the PDF user's manual, update the drivers... Everything goes sweet!

PS: don't forget to disable the sound card of the computer.


- Two simultaneous recording channels.

- Very stable, almost perfectly stable if you configure your computer properly.

- Virtually no latency.


I've owned it for two years and I love it's ease of use and the guitar simulations. You'll quickly find the sound you need and they all sound very authentic... it's stunning!

It was conceived for musicians who want to jam and record with their PC and refuse to go through the hassle of long amp miking sessions, which end up in lousy results (due to lack of knowledge and adequate gear).


- authentic simulations (guitar, bass, preamps)

- Possibility to increase the amp number

- Easy to use, even for DAW beginners

- Amazing Gearbox and Podfarm software tools.

- Value for money

- Very reliable and frequently updated drivers.

- Line 6 professionalism


- The output converters are obviously not the best on the market. I just bought an RME Fireface 400 and it unveiled a totally new world to me (but then again the price isn't the same).

- Cheap plastic housing.


- Quality of some effects.

The value for money is great. You'll be able to quickly record bass, guitar and vocal parts that sound authentic.

Check some demos I made using only this sound card:

Guitar, bass and vocals were recorded with the Gearbox software. I used a SM57 for vocals (connected directly to the preamp of the sound card).

Ableton Live was also included. I heard it's a great sequencer but I never used it.

I wouldn't buy it again just because I don't buy the same product twice........