Lexicon Omega
Lexicon Omega

Omega, USB audio interface from Lexicon.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Lexicon Omega : Recensione di FP User (content in English)


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The dbx Silver Series pre-amps are nice and clean. There is MIDI support, SMPTE support, Line In and Outs, digital. There isn't really a way to configure it to record more than two condensors directly at the same time, so its limited in that way, but if you have a mixer already, or you just want to record vocals and do all the rest of your production with VSTs etc, you're in the clear. When I bought the Omega it came with Pro Tracks Plus and no ASIO support. Now it packages with Cubase LE and ASIO drivers, so I'd give it an 8 rather than a 7.

Price paid: $300 USD


I think the Omega is very easy to use. You install the drivers from the included CD while your Omega is plugged in, and you're good to go. Set up the appropriate drivers in your DAW, and voila. The manual explains how to hook up your various hardware, and if you have any background in engineering, even with home DAWs, you should be fine.


The quality is excellent. It has a pretty good heft on your desk, it doesn't just slide around and fall off. Its plastic, as metal or alloys would risk interference from microphones etc, but it doesn't feel cheap. The knobs and buttons are firmly set. No problems here.


The sound is very clean and clear. When I record vocals at home and bring them to the studio with a Pro Tools HD system, there isn't an immediate difference in quality. The pre-amps are very nice, much better than I expected from transistors packaged with a sound module. All in all for the price it's a good deal. I'd buy it again over the MBox.

This is my first proper recording interface, so I am pretty biased towards it, but to be fair I have used plenty of Pro Tools HD systems with nice Genelec monitors and Soundcraft boards etc, as well as similar units like the MBox, and the Lexicon definitely holds its ground for the size and price. If you are a laptop producer/MC like me, you will probably find this a very comfortable fit. I can make home recordings that are high enough quality that the average listener thinks they are commercial quality, and with some tweaking I can get even better results.

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Posted by: XL83 ( 7-, 2005)