Lexicon I-Onix U42S
Lexicon I-Onix U42S

I-Onix U42S, USB audio interface from Lexicon in the I-Onix series.

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stompboxjon 30/08/2012

Lexicon I-Onix U42S : Recensione di stompboxjon (content in English)

"Worth the buy and try"

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The Lexicon I Onix U42S is a audio interface that you can get online used for around 300 dollars like I did about 6 months after it first came out. The I-Onix has 4 input and 2 output USB 2.0 with a 44.1kHz to 96kHZ sample rates. The unit has a very unique and futuristic type of design. I have not really seen many interfaces that have this type of look to them and can still hold up on everything they say it can do.


The unit is very well built and gave us zero problems during the time we where using it. Its very lightweight and can be moved from one computer to the next very easily if you need it to be moved. There are a lot of reviews on this product that people always say there wasn’t enough usable gain. But for our needs we really didn’t have a problem with the gain when using one of our mid priced condenser microphones (cant really remember exactly which microphone we used at the time). The latency was very minimal and almost absent and undetectable it was so minimal. The drivers are very stable, I don’t ever remember Lexicon putting out a update while we where using it. If I remember correctly the Lexicon I-Onix worked great in Acid pro and in Cubase.


Getting started was easy as long as you have some general knowledge on interfaces and how to sync them up with your DAW/Software functions. I have not used another interface that was similar to this one in style so that was a plus. I have used several interface that are similar in specs. So with style points , this one takes the cake.


The fact that the Lexicon I-Onix U42S was so easy to use and set up was the best part about it, we needed to get it running fast and it did just that. The bad part about this interface is I am not sure how it can hold up with certain microphones. Some microphones gave us a small hiss when using it, and we weren’t sure why. But this only happened with about 3 different microphones but besides that it worked great. I am happy with the choice to go with the I-Onix U42S. We have moved on many times since using it, but I will never forget it.