Apogee Quartet
Apogee Quartet

Quartet, USB audio interface from Apogee.

public price: 1.115 € TTC
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Red Led 14/03/2013

Apogee Quartet : Recensione di Red Led (content in English)

"Great sound and great look"

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I like te gain of the preamp (75 dB!) and they sound really good, with very low noise. I have a MacBook Pro Retina and sE EGG monitors.


The drivers are pretty stable on my MacBook Pro Retina, and I don't have any problem. I use Cubase 7.


The mixer is very easy to use, I can monitor quickly my microphone.


The price is a little high, but the preamps are great, and the interface is pretty stable.Plus, the OLED screen and the look are awesome !