Bad Cat X-Treme Tone
Bad Cat X-Treme Tone

X-Treme Tone, Tube Guitar Preamp from Bad Cat.

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nickname009 05/09/2011

Bad Cat X-Treme Tone : Recensione di nickname009 (content in English)


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This is bad cat's high gain tube preamp pedal.

2 modes (from the website):

Gain Boost Stage 1: Provides transparent volume matching of the effect IN/OUT to your amplifier's output level, complete interactive tone bass + treble operation with ample clean headroom and generous smooth gain boost.

Gain Boost Stages 1 + 2: Provides additional crunch to the gain boost stage for a dramatic increase and thickening of the overdrive gain. This mode allows independent manipulation of the layered gain stages.

Knobs: Gain, Edge, Level, Bass, Treble, Master.


Very simple layout. One strip of control knobs and 3 different colored lights. The EQs are shared even though they tonally sound different from each other. Gain 1 is more like a slight overdrive to mild crunch, while gain 2 is higher gain for rock etc.


What kind of sounds do you expect? Nothing less than the preamp of a bad cat amplifier!
Pretty much does it justice! Sounds like a brighter marshall without the fuzz and fizz that one would usually get, yet it's thick at the same time, a lot of upper mids I think.

So I wouldn't recommend this for high gain metal players cause it's probably too smooth and too thick, it'd make all the complex chords and riffing unclear and muffled sounding.

But if you like that badcat tone, you'd definitely like this pedal. Very true to its sound and has a very natural sounding distortion!


Good pedal, a bit heavy and big but it delivers the sounds it says it will. That classic bad cat tone! Plenty of gain to rock out with! Again, probably not tonally tuned for the metal head but plenty of gain on tap to do anything else! Sounds good paired with a tube amp of course. Not sure how it'd sound with a solidstate amp, but probably wouldn't recommend it, might be too bright and you won't get the full experience of this pedal's abilities!