Bad Cat 2-Tone
Bad Cat 2-Tone

2-Tone, Tube Guitar Preamp from Bad Cat.

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moosers 03/01/2011

Bad Cat 2-Tone : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Bad Cat 2 Tone is a high quality guitar preamplifier pedal. This is almost just like the Matchless Hot Box, which makes sense as I’ve been told that it’s the same mad scientist behind both of these boutique amplifier companies. The pedal has an IEC power jack on the side as well as ¼” connections to send from your instrument and out to your amplifier. It’s not rack mountable…


The Bad Cat 2 Tone has two separate channels that can be controlled and turned on or off independently. The first channel has parameters for volume and tone while the second is a bit more in depth with knobs for gain, bass and treble, and there’s also a master volume. It’s really quite easy to use. There’s also a separate switch for each channel. No need for a manual here…


The Bad Cat 2 Tone absolutely rips! I’ve also used the Matchless Hot Box and I’m pretty sure this is more or less the same pedal since they have a very similar sound. It’s great for getting soaring lead guitar parts, especially super dirty ones while still being able to hear each note clearly. You can also get subtle with it if you’re just using the first channel, which is perfect for light overdrive. It’s definitely a versatile guitar preamp!


The Bad Cat 2 Tone is the perfect guitar preamp pedal to have at the head of any rig. It’s awesome in the studio and I’ve loved used it for getting ultra thick guitar parts to tape. Just having it in your chain will give you a nice sound boost even if you have the volume controls down for a cleaner tone. The 2 Tone is quite expensive, but for professionals looking for top notch tone regardless of price, it’s absolutely worth it. I’d love to be able to add one of these to my rig someday!