Thd Univalve
Thd Univalve

Univalve, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Thd.

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loudfunk 31/01/2012

Thd Univalve : Recensione di loudfunk (content in English)

"What a cool little amp...."

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Super simple single output tube, 2 pre-amp tubes lunch box style amp.
2 inputs, volume, bass, treble, attitude, attenuation controls. Hot Plate on/off, lo/hi power, standy and power switches.
On the back it's even more simple. Single speaker jack, impedance selector, line out with level control, and instrument level/line level switch.


Super easy amp to dial in as long as you use your ears and not your eyes. Extremely sensitive to guitar and even mores input volume changes.


Depending on tubes and setting anywhere from the neighbor hood of like an old Bogen PA head used for guitar, or Oahu pedal steel amp, You can get to behave anywhere between a Tweed Champ to a 20 watt Marshall.


One of the hippest aspects of this cool little amp is that you have endless options in the tube swap department. It can get bright, but that's part of having a bright cap on the volume control. Lower the gain structure with lower gain pre-amp tubes so that you can turn up the volume more and the brightness isn't going to be any issue.
Depending on power tube you're looking at anywhere from 2 to 18 watt. Small tubes have to run in the lo voltage setting in order to not burn out from the higher current draw of the hi voltage string.
Big bottles you can run at either so an EL34 will get you either a 7 or 15 watt amp.
Another cool feature is that the speaker jack shorts to ground. So when nothing is plugged in you can use it as a loaded down head. UniValve into a 100 watt power amp into a 4x12 is a thing of beauty. Touch responsive and manly.
Impedance selector has a setting for 2/4 ohm and another for 8/16 ohm loads. And unlike tapped transformers in this case you use all the windings of the transformer's secondary all the time. in the 2/4 setting its in parallel, in the 8/16 it's in series. So technically the 16 ohm and 2 ohm settings are mismatches but other than s slight volume drop it's all good.