Roccaforte Custom 80
Roccaforte Custom 80

Custom 80, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Roccaforte.

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orangekick 12/04/2011

Roccaforte Custom 80 : Recensione di orangekick (content in English)

"Roccaforte = rock 'n roll"

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The Roccaforte Custom 80 is a single channel, 100 watt tube head. This amp appears to be simple, but provides many different tones, all very usable. The controls are: Preamp Vol, Master Vol, Treble, Midrange, Bass, Presence.


The Custom 80 is firmly in the Marshall tone family, but more. To my ears, the Custom 80 sounds like the perfect Marshall recorded tone, only it's right there in the room with you. The gain is completely usable all the way up and gives a great singing lead tone when cranked. The tone knobs shape the tone in a very musical manner. There are no extremely bad sounds that come from really cranking one knob or another. The only knob that I have turned down is the presence, but that's just me. This amp is loud. I know that every Roccaforte review mentions that, but it's true. I do want to clarify though, that this is not a bad thing at all. I happen to play in a loud band and this amp easily sits in with our other guitarist and his Oranges as well as our drummer's Bonham-esque playing. I have been playing the Custom 80 through my Mojo 4x12 which has 2 Hellatone 60L's and 2 Warehouse Veteran 30's. This setup really moves some air!


I generally use a '77 Les Paul Standard through just about every amp. This guitar really shines when played through the Custom 80. Many amps mask the tone of the guitar, but not the Custom 80. Roccaforte amps sound a bit like an early Marshall crossed with a Hiwatt.


Overall, the Custom 80 is a very versatile rock 'n roll amp. It can be quite loud, but the master volume is quite effective. The build quality is easily one of the best that I have ever seen in person, very meticulous. I have owned a couple different amps from Roccaforte and the Custom 80 would be the best for my uses.