Rivera k-tre
Rivera k-tre

k-tre, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Rivera.

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iamqman 06/10/2011

Rivera k-tre : Recensione di iamqman (content in English)

"Multi channel amp"

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Rivera is known for making some budget friendly components and amps that are affordable for most musicians. These amps have a nice versatility to them that gives them an edge over many other manufacturers. This amp features El34 power tubes and an assortment of preamp tubes. This is a two channel amp that has a load of bottom end tone that is more like a Randall amp or even a Mesa Boogie amps. This features a decent clean channel and which Rivera is more know for than a mega high gain amp.


* 120 Watts RMS of luscious EL-34 Tube power
* 2 Independent Channels powered by 5 12AX7 Tubes
* 3 band passive interactive tone controls on each channel
* Most high gain lead channel we have ever offered, sustain for years, packed with thunderous bottom end-totally controllable with our new and patent pending Foundation™ control
* Clean Channel with massive headroom and dynamic range
* New totally adjustable serial effects loop with hard wire bypass and footswitchable
* Rugged Rivera® construction, with military and audiophile grade components, oversize transformers, and most of all, built to last
* 3 function footswitch included


I have always liked a Rivera amp for the clean tones. They are not quite Fender clean tones but more towards a nice British style clean tone. It has a sweet chimy tone that makes clean tones more fun to play. The nice sparkling clean is nice even with a good overdrive or another effect in front of the amp. The distortion channel is a mega high gain distortion channel. It has a nice big range of distortion with a load of saturation on tap. You can get everything from classic rock all the way up to a modern metal type tone. You can get a good lead tone as well.


These amps are no longer being made so the used market is the only way to go. I have no idea what they get for the used price of one of these amps. Rivera has some cool amps ad this one is cool but not a game changer amp of any kind. You can find these tones and this versatile options in a lot of other amps. This is not a amp that is something special but something that will do.