Randall RM 50 HB
Randall RM 50 HB

RM 50 HB, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Randall.

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Mattfig 13/06/2012

Randall RM 50 HB : Recensione di Mattfig (content in English)

"Excellent Amp! VERY versatile..."

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This is a RM50 tube amp...It houses your choice of power tubes....From 6550 to EL34, and all points in between- it can easily let you drop them in and , get this, EASILY bias them yourself with a simple multimeter...It also has three preamp tubes (12AX7)...One is an input tube, one a phase inverter, and one a loop buffer...Then you have two module bays to play with...Choose any of the 20+ modules out there from Randall or Egnater as well as a sea of amazing modified modules available now...The sky is the limit...Want Marshall grind but Fender clean? Done....Want Mesa chunk and Vox chime? Done...You get the idea...You choose the modules...Each module has 2 preamp tubes as well...

Inputs and outputs are standard 1/4 .... No MIDI ... Footswitch included...


Sound quality is amazing...You can choose any combination of amps you can dream of....Right now mine has a Jaded Faith EV Trilogy (5150) module along with a Jaded Faith Super Clean module...It delivers squeaky clean to bone crushing drive...Perfectly....The manual is easy....Power tubes are easy to change to try new ideas...


The best sounding line of amps (MTS) available...I use an RM50, RM100, and 5 RM4s! Always room to add more and the sounds available are both excellent and plentiful....There are guys that make mods to your specs so this amp can be anything you can dream up!

The EQ is all based on the modules with the exception of the useful presence and density controls...

The tone is second to none...It's the best kept secret in the biz as far as I'm concerned....

There is also an active forum of users that share ideas, sell and trade modules, etc....So you're never alone and will always get questions answered....

If you've read this far, just get one...If you know anything about good tone, you'll keep this one around for a long time...Mine isn't going anywhere!


I love the versatility of the modules...There are some breakthrough modifications that include Orange, Mesa, Marshall, Vox, Matchless, Framus, Peavey, Fender, Krank, Cameron, it goes on and on and on...

The value is tremendous as the mod are dead on in many cases...A la carte mod making is available so it's all in your idea of great tone...

I've had many (still do in some cases) of the amps from the makers above and have found the modules to capture them in every sense...It's all tubes and analog circuitry so it's no Line 6....This is for real!