PRS 2 Channel
PRS 2 Channel "H"

2 Channel "H", Tube Guitar Amp Head from PRS.

US public price: $1,499 VAT
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iamqman 16/11/2011

PRS 2 Channel "H" : Recensione di iamqman (content in English)

"Not too bad"

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Paul Reed Smith guitars is very well known for their exotic beautiful and exquisite instruments. They have a great feel and a great tone that is very versatile from music to music. They're not quite as known for their amplifiers as much is a guitars but they do make some good medium gain to clean style amplifiers. These amps have two channels that features two 6L6 power tubes. Another great feature is it features Haeyboer out put Transformers. These are great boutique transformers that really make the sound prominent and thickening.



Two channels
2 - 6L6 power tubes
Heyboer output transformer
Global reverb
Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass controls and Bright switch for each channel
Lead channel Master Volume
Clean channel Master volume
4, 8, and 16 ohm selection
2 output jacks
Fixed bias
Effects loop (send/receive level controls on back panel)
Includes footswitch for channel selection and reverb on/off


The tone of this amplifier is very good. It's not quite a high gain amplifier but can get you a complete tone which accepts effects pedals very well. There's not a whole lot of controls and switches and different bells and whistles on this amplifier , but it has just enough for you to get a great solid tone night after night of gigging or even in the recording studio. They basically have two channels one for the clean and one for the lead master gain channel. You have your standard EQ settings but you also have a bright switch for each channel and a global reverb for both channels. This is very simple design but a great sound for a basic sound.


You can find these amplifiers for right around $1500 which is a good price for Paul Reed Smith amplifier. It's a little unusual look cosmetically but it's a great sound great feel. If you're into the country rockin blues pop sound and this is a good amplifier for you.