Mesa Boogie Trem-O-Verb Head
Mesa Boogie Trem-O-Verb Head

Trem-O-Verb Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Mesa Boogie in the Trem-o-Verb series.

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severinsteel 28/05/2012

Mesa Boogie Trem-O-Verb Head : Recensione di severinsteel (content in English)

"Unsung hero of the Recto's"

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100 watts, 4 EL34's or 6L6's, 4/ 8/ 16 ohm outputs, slave out, reverb, tremolo, parallel FX loop, tube or solid state rectifier, 2 channels, standard EQ for each channel, clean, vintage hi gain, modern hi gain, and blues modes, channel cloning, bold/ spongy power setting, footwsitch jack, separate control inputs for functions.


By nature, Mesa's are somewhat tricky to dial in. I have a Mark IV and that amp took me quite a while to get used to the controls. It's like a spaceship! The Tremoverb is a lot easier to dial in. The EQ controls on Boogies tend to work differently than other amps. For example, the treble control will increase the treble on the way up, but when you turn it down, it increases the bass. Little things like that make these amps sort of finicky as far as their EQ's. The three channel Rectifiers are very bright by nature. When I owned a three channel Triple Rectifier, I literally had to turn the treble control all the way down to get a good sound. I can leave the controls at noon on the TVerb and it sounds great. Everything else is pretty straight forward.

All Boogies are made extremely well. My only gripe is the FX loop. They came with parallel loops with don't work well on these amps. I modded mine to be series and it works way better.


The Tremoverb is a unique beast in the Rectifier series. It's like a Revision G Rectifier but with the addition of a blues mode, tremolo, reverb, and somewhat improved clean mode. As I mentioned above, I can set all of the controls to noon an it sounds great. Not something I could have done with my 3 channel Rectifier.
Rectifiers can sound a little harsh, but if you dial back the treble and presence, they can sound pretty smooth. I tend to like darker sounding amps anyway.

The blues mode is a great addition to the amp. It sounds awesome with a Strat; very warm and thick. I also love the vintage hi gain mode. My amp tends to live on that mode, as well as the clean mode. That way, you have your basic clean, distortion sort of set up.

Rectifiers are made for rock/ metal. Sure you can get lots of other tones out of them, but if you wanted an amp for blues, there are better options out there. They have a very specific sound that I haven't really heard in other amps. Very heavy and aggressive.


Overall, I love the amp. It's very versatile for a Rectifier, but it's still a Rectifier. It's not going to be your amp for classic rock, but it can do that if you want. If you buy a Dual Rec, you are looking for that iconic sound. All of the extra modes and setting are just icing on the cake. I bought it for it's Recto aggression, and that's what it does best.

These amps are very well made and built to last. You can find them for 1k or less, which is a great deal. I got mine for $850 shipped to my door, which is a great deal! I have 5 other tube amps (two of the Mesa) so I bought this to fill a particular niche.