Marshall 6100
Marshall 6100

6100, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the 30th Anniversary series.

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Audiofanzine FR 03/11/2008

Marshall 6100 : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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(Originally written by Voodoo10/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

I've owned this beauty for years, I payed almost nothing for it and I haven't written a review about it yet!
I have the 1992 blue version with gold logo and EL34 power tubes. It feeds a cabinet with 50-watt Jensen speakers.

Features summary:
- Switchable 50/25 watts
- Serial or parallel FX loop
- Impedance selection (8 or 4/16 ohms)
- Midi control

I fitted the preamp channels with a mix of several 12AX7 (Golden Dragon, JJ and sometimes EH).
I recently equipped the power stage with Harma E34L-STR (cryo). It's mind-blowing!

Small con: It isn't possible to switch between channel B modes... It's really a pity because each of these 3 modes has its own tonal character and sounds amazing.


It's so versatile that you'll need some time to get to know it.
And you'll have to read the user's manual carefully if you want to understand this beast.
You have a lot of parameters to fine-tune your sound thanks to the Midi control, channel voicings, tube interaction, etc.

But once you understood everything it isn't that difficult.


I play in a rock/metal band. You could say that I'm the rock soul of the band while the other guitarist provides the heavy (metal) touch with his Mesa.
Whatever the music style this amp perfectly fits the bill with a Marshall-like character. If you want a Mesa sound, buy a Mesa.
But if you like the real British rock sound, this amp head is for you.
FYI I use it mainly with a Gibson Nighthawk Custom and sometimes with a Tele 52 :o)

Channel 1: Everybody is crazy about this channel and that's for a darn good reason. For once you get a good clean sound with a Marshall.

Channel 2: It's the holy Grail. 3 modes (A/B/C): From JMT45 to Plexi and JCM900. The sound just rocks: it has punch, warmth and dynamics!

Channel 3: It sounds like a boosted JCM900. This channel can be used for soloing as complement for channel 2. I use it for heavily distorted parts.


I've been using it for 10 years now.
The electronics of this amp head are somewhat fragile. I had some voltage problems which resulted in several burnt resistors. Since then I connect it only to secure AC power lines (not to the power lines feeding the lights!!) (those of you who play regularly on stage know what I mean...)
But I won't give this amp away, all the less when it's price is increasing.