Brunetti 059
Brunetti 059

059, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Brunetti.

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LordRiffenstein 01/04/2011

Brunetti 059 : Recensione di LordRiffenstein (content in English)

"Quality amp with cool features"

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The 059 is an all tube amp with 3 channels, a nice fx loop and some cool extra features. I owned the older version with the red front panel. The amp can be switched by midi and it has a 1HE slot to add your fav rack fx unit, very cool feature. another nice touch was the Tone Reverse function. This let's you dial in the EQ on ch2 and ch3 and use them the other way around. Basically, you'd have 2 OD channels with 2 sets of EQ that you can switch between. It's powered with 4 EL34s so it will deliver about 100w, it is a loud amp for sure! Then there are a number of switches that change the highs or mids. Plenty of stuff going on!


The 059 has 3 channels with their own EQ but also has some nice extra features to tailor the tone. The manual is very clear in describing what each switch does. The clean channel has a bright switch, we all know what that does. Ch2 and ch3 have a Mid Shift switch and a Mellow switch. The Mid shift makes the mids more compressed or more open, the Mellow works like a bright but not in the real upper highs like most Bright switches. So when you are done with these settings, you can swap the EQs for ch2 and ch3, another useful feature as you can setup 1 eq to be a bit scooped for heavy stuff and the other smoother with more mids for lead stuff. There's no overall master volume so each channel has it's own master and you will need to balance them.


I'm going to start with pointing out that I only owned the 059 for about 1 month. I played it a couple of times before buying it but when I got it, it was like I received a different amp.

The clean channel is really nice, it has a bell-like quality but it can also turned into a crunchy channel if you turn it way up. That's not it's forte though, keep it clean and it is a lot of fun to play. It also works well with Od-pedals.

The 3rd channel has plenty of gain for any application and sounds big and fat for sure. I totally loved rocking out on this channel. Plug in any humbucker guitar and you are in for a treat. I discovered I could easily nail The Rev Billy Gibbons ZZ Top tones with this channel, juicy tones. With the Tone reverse function you have 2 EQs so you actually have 2 great tones from this channel.

My problems were mostly with the 2nd channel. There was a nasal-quality in the tone that I could NOT dial out. I tried everything, different pre- and power tubes but the crunch channel was just to nasal sounding for me. It was as if I had my wah on all the time. I don't know how this happened because when I played it before buying it, I did not notice this. This got on my nerves pretty quickly and I traded the amp in for another one.


The 059 is a much overlooked amp, I think Brunetti in general does not get the attention they deserve as they make some great products. The 059 has a lot of options that make this a very versatile amp but obviously, you have to like the tone to start with. I really liked this amp with the exception of the nasal 2nd channel and that's what ruined it for me. But, try it for yourself and you might very well like it a LOT!