Bogner Uberschall Head
Bogner Uberschall Head

Uberschall Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Bogner.

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moosers 25/06/2010

Bogner Uberschall Head : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Bogner Uberschall Head is a guitar amplifier that is extremely well made and sounds incredible. Bogner is known for making high quality amplifiers; in fact, it would be hard to say that any other company makes better amps than them, although many are certainly comparable. The Uberschall Head in particular is a special guitar amp, consisting of EL34 power tubes and 120 watts of pure power. It’s got two separate channels with a good amount of control, with a ¼” input in the front for your instrument. It’s also got ¼” connections in the back for sending this to a speaker cabinet, for a foot switch, and for a send and return loop, amongst a few other connections. It’s also got a unique backlight so you can see in the dark if you’re on stage.


The make up of the Bogner Uberschall Head isn’t too difficult to understand or to follow, especially if you know a thing or two about guitar amps. The two channels are identical, so you can dial in two completely different sounds and switch between them at your own will with a footswitch. Each channel has parameters for volume, presence, treble, middle, bass, and gain, as well as an master volume that applies for both of the channels. I haven’t had a need to check out a manual for this, so I don’t know anything about it.


The sound of the Bogner Uberschall Head is up there with the best guitar amplifiers that I’ve ever used. I’m really not exaggerating here, as the tone is absolutely outstanding. It’s one of the cleanest and fullest sounding amp heads I’ve ever heard let alone used. It’s got a great low end response which really gives it a whole tone of girth. It’s possible to get a good amount of different sounds on each of the channels, so it’s easy enough to get both a great sounding clean and dirty sound simultaneously if you wanted to. It’s hard to describe how awesome this sounds without actually hearing it, but this thing absolutely rips.


The Bogner Uberschall Head is definitely designed by and for professionals, as this amp doesn’t mess around at all. If you want one of the best amps that money can buy, this needs to be in the running. It’s really that good. Bogner makes top quality gear across the board for professionals, so while very expensive, you certainly get what you pay for here.