Blackstar Amplification Artisan 100

Artisan 100, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Blackstar Amplification in the Artisan series.

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iamqman 02/07/2011

Blackstar Amplification Artisan 100 : Recensione di iamqman (content in English)

"Not a bad amp"

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Black star amplifiers have made a huge impact on the gear world in just a few short years. They really have come onto the amp scene in a big way that now has many artists looking towards this manufacturer for their touring and gigging needs.

This amp has taken what they feel as a handwired bouqtue classic plexi Marshall and given their own little twist on the amp. This amp is hand wired and really brings back the tone of the old Marshall's from the 60's and early 70's.

This amp has a great British tone that will work in most music. You can get great cleans on this amp as well as a nice overdriven tone with a few gear change that will go from a subtle gain to a blistering overdrive.


* 100W head
* 4 x EL34 output valves
* 4-way Voice switch charts the timeline of 100W designs

* Hi and Lo inputs perfect for channel blending
* Impedance selector


They aim with this amp was to provide a handrwired amp that would be more conveniently price for lower budget needs. howevere, this amp is still at the same price as most boutique handwired Marshall style amps.

The tone is great with just about any guiar just like the originals. You want to use a nice Fender Stratocaster then you will be able to dial in a very classic Jim Hendrix tone. If you want to use a Gibson SG and you'll have Ac/DC Angus Young tones with absolute ease. Grab a Gibson Les Paul and you can dial in a cool Led Zeppelin Jimmy Paige type tone. If you want to get crazy get a variac and a you'll be able to dial in a close Van Halen tone.


The price of these amps are just the same as any other hand built amp that goes for the Marshall tones. Splawn, Germino, Metro all have about the same price of amps as these. At new these amps go for right around $2100. For me I would choose a Splawn any day over this amp. It is a goo amp but nothing I would choose over these other manufactures I just mentioned.