Vox AC30 Top Boost Vintage
Vox AC30 Top Boost Vintage

AC30 Top Boost Vintage, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Vox.

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mooseherman 25/03/2010

Vox AC30 Top Boost Vintage : Recensione di mooseherman (content in English)


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This is a variation of one of the more famous models, the AC30. That model is a tube amplifier, as is this one. This amp is 33 watts, but it has a ton of power and amplitude. There are three channels, top boost, vibrato, and normal. There are tone controls for each channel, volume for each channel, and master volume.


The initial sound of this amp is pretty awesome. For jazz and very soft, clean stuff, I would use the normal channel. The tremolo channel is an interesting sound, but not always the most useful. However, sometimes it can be just what you need. The main selling point of this amp is the top boost channel, and that's where it really shines. For those who thought the original AC30 was a bit too dark and murky, this thing is the answer to your prayers. Getting a good sound in this channel is easy as plugging it in. The manual isn't entirely necessary, I didn't even get a manual with mine since I got it used.


The best sounding guitars to use with this, in my opinion, are hollow bodies and guitars with humbuckers. That's not to say that a stratocaster or telecaster wouldn't also sound great, in fact they do. I just prefer the former. The great thing about this amp is that it can really give a gritty, raw power to all of those guitars. This is the quintessential garage rock amplifier, perfect for a rocking rhythm sound. Considering that the original AC30 played a huge part in 1960s rock and roll, this makes sense. The top boost gives it the extra high end and overtone accentuation that it arguably needs to compete in a modern market. This is not a great amp for hard rock or metal, punk or similar genres. It is capable of delivering the best of the clean with a bit of kick.


The sound of this thing is phenomenal. I think that this amp pretty much nailed it initially, and the top boost channel just makes it even more compelling and interesting. The other channels are fine but I would say that anyone who buys this is going to get much more use out of the Top Boost channel. If that channel isn't your cup of tea, you might as well look elsewhere, because you can get the same tones as the other two channels out of the original AC30. Definitely worth checking out.