Vox AC15CC1
Vox AC15CC1

AC15CC1, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Vox in the Custom Classic series.

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PurposeToMelody 21/03/2011

Vox AC15CC1 : Recensione di PurposeToMelody (content in English)

"Best Amp For clean and Medium gain tones in its pricerange. "

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* All-tube design
* The warm tone of the original AC15
* 15W RMS power
* 12" Vox Custom speaker
* Master volume
* Treble and bass tone controls
* Global reverb and tremolo controls
* Jack for VF002 footswitch for reverb and tremolo on/off
* 2 extension speaker jacks
* 8/16 ohm impedance switch
* Manufactured in the Vox factory
* Vintage Vox styling

* Power Output: 15W RMS into an 8 or 16 ohm loudspeaker load.
* Internal speaker: 16 ohm, 12", 30W VOX/Wharfedale Custom
* Tube complement: 2 x EL84/6BQ5 and 2 x 12AX7/ECC83
* Rectifier: silicon rectifier with passive SAG circuit
* Mains input: preset 100V or 120V or 230V or 240 V ~ 50 or 60 Hz depending on country of sale


Super easy to work, not many buttons and switches. Plug in and GO. and you will not look back.


I used mainly a Les Paul with Seymour Duncans in it and a 90s MIA strat.
The Clean on this thing is seriously pretty much unbeatable. It sounds good pretty much anywhere. Running it with the strat was pretty much instant "Run To You" by Brian Adams tone, which was pretty sweet, and if you want the whole Hillsong Worship type tone this pretty much does it in spades with a gretstch style guitar.

OD: Once you get the volume up past about oh say, 10 o clock it starts breaking up, especially with humbuckers...and my gosh is it glorious. very lush warm sounds. You want the beatles? it does the beatles...you want Brian May? you got it (with a treble booster and maybe an OD). On the contrary though, this is the biggest downfall of the amp, it has a very small sweet spot on the gain and its either too muddy or not saturated enough (for my tastes). It can also definitely do with a tube change out of the box as the stock tubes are pretty gross sounding.

The tremolo is great, very warm and making it footswitchable was a great idea...the reverb was a bit much though, it gets to big too fast, pretty unusable.


Overall, I love this amp for anything low gain clean and up to medium gain, in its price range you can't beat it for 60s rock tones or modern worship band sounds, I highly recommend this amp to anyone looking for things like that. overall I'll give it an 8 .