Vox AC15 TBX
Vox AC15 TBX
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iamqman 26/06/2011

Vox AC15 TBX : Recensione di iamqman (content in English)

"Nice British tone!"

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Much like its older and more sophisticated brother the Vox Ac30 the Ac15TBX packs a nice punch as well. The Vox AC15TBX has a fantastic tone similar to the Ac30 but with only one speaker. You will have all the great features and tone, but it will come in a much smaller compact size.

I think of the Vox Ac15TBX as a little practice amp that can do all the same tricks the Vox AC30 can do. I don't find the AC30 to be very difficult to carry around so this wouldn't be a reason that I would ever buy an AC15. I wouldn't need to lighten my load, but I find that Ac15 is a more suitable backup amp or recording amp. Since many studio have limited room I think the Ac15TBX would accompany that type of situation quite well. This is just my personal opinion and doesn't reflect anything from Vox. I just think the Ac30 is the perfect pop and mild rock amp in the world and cutting the speaker and output in half is kind of pointless.


The Vox Ac15TBX is a smaller but equally tonal bliss as the AC30. The operation is the same as the top boost Ac30. You basically just have half the wattage and one less speaker. The amp still sounds better with an alnico blue or silver speaker. The greenback while a great speaker doesn't compliment the tone of the Vox amps as well as the alnicos. The cut knob on these amps are very interesting an if you aren't used to them they do take some figuring out.


The Vox AC15TBX sounds just as good as the Ac30. The benefits you have is cranking the thing up to get distortion is a little easier since it is half the wattage. It is smaller and portable which fits nicely in small spaces.

So if you have ever heard the Ac30 then you will know what the Ac15 sounds like. Everything you would do with the Ac30 you would do with this amp. Same guitars, same effects and distortion pedals, and pretty much the same type of music. It accepts pedals very well and sounds great cranked up!


I'm more of an Ac30 guy so I would never buy an Ac15. The quality and features are all the same. You just get a smaller cabinet and one less speaker. Well you get two less power tubes as well

I would recommend this amp to anyone who needs a smaller version of the Vox Ac30. Vox unfortunately do not make the AC15 TBX anymore. You will have to locate one on the used market. I have seen them occasionally on the classifieds and on evilbay from time to time.