Soldano Atomic 16
Soldano Atomic 16

Atomic 16, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Soldano.

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iamqman 12/07/2011

Soldano Atomic 16 : Recensione di iamqman (content in English)

"King Soldano"

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Soldano is one of those companies that has a reputation of style, elegance, and raw emotion. Their amps are built to rock an ti even says that on the foot switchers that come with the amps. Their amps are built to rock and that they do quite well. Soldano build hot rodded amps for those wanting a british flavor tone with a hot rodded preamp and power amp sections. These amps all started with the SLO and them branched off to create many more tone machines. It all started back in the 89's when Mike started getting his amps in the hands of just about every hair metal guitarist on the Sunset Strip. Late he moved to Washington State and that is wen the company really started to take flight. Soldano amps are king!


This is a single channel hot rod monster amp. You get 15 watts of power and simple front panel layout. You have preamp gain, bass, middle, treble, volume, and presence. There isn't much to figure out with these set of simple control knobs. This amp is easy to dial in a usable tone. The amp itself is already a great sounding amp not matter where you have the dials but it just makes it easier to dial it in to your favorite guitar.


With a Soldano amp you get an immense amount of usable tone and gain. They are known for having over the top gain that is usable in every band mix. Sometimes too much gain get lost behind the band but the way the Soldano's are voiced makes them so much better at riving the music rather than laying back.

I love the way this amp sound with a Charvel or a superstrat of some kind. The two just go hand in hand. You need a brighter voicing guitar with the Soldano because they have so much lower mid gain that you need to balance them out a little more with a an alder or maple wood guitar. Certainly a mahogany will do wonders but I prefer the tone of the lighter wood with the SOldano amps.


I believe these amps were discontinued back a few years ago. You can still find them in the classifieds and on forums if you look hard enough. These aren't as popular as the SLO or the Hot Rod series from Soldano. But they are definitely out there and can be snatched pi relatively cheap.

If you are looking for a great sounding rock machine that is only one channel then this might be your bag. If you need multiple channels then a Blackstar might be up your ally.