Silvertone 1482
Silvertone 1482

1482, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Silvertone.

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moosers 16/05/2009

Silvertone 1482 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Silvertone 1482 is a guitar combo amplifier that has a ¼ inch input for your guitar and features a single speaker. It is a tube based amplifier and I’m really not sure how many watts of power it has.


Using the Silvertone 1482 is a relatively easy thing to do as it only has a couple of parameters. It has tone control knobs for volume, two for tone, and also has controls for the built in tremolo effects for speed and depth. Everything about the make up of this amp is straightforward and isn’t anything out of the ordinary. I don’t have the manual for the Silvertone 1482 and I’ve never seen one so I can’t speak to how helpful it might be, but the amp is easy enough to use that you don’t really need it.


The sound quality of the Silvertone 1482 is pretty awesome, especially considering how small this amp is. Both the traditional clean sounds and the tremolo effect are impressive and both provide enough tone control to allow this amp to provide a number of different types of tones. I really have no complaints whatsoever about the sound of this amp and while it probably isn’t big enough for live shows, it is perfect for recording because of how much punch this little amp packs.


I’ve been using the Silvertone 1482 for about a year and it is truly a great amp for recording. These are pretty hard to come by these days and if you can find one at a reasonable price and are looking for a small practice or recording amp, this is a great choice. The great tremolo effect is a huge plus for this amp and just adds to its versatility. Overall, the Silvertone 1482 is an awesome vintage amp.