Retro King 18 Watt Combo
Retro King 18 Watt Combo

18 Watt Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Retro King.

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F.d 01/04/2009

Retro King 18 Watt Combo : Recensione di F.d (content in English)


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This is a all tube 18 watt amplifier.Much louder than most people would think of.It has 2 EL84 power tubes,3 12AX7 preamp tubes,1-NOS EZ81 rectifier tube,4, 8 or 16 ohm selector,
two speaker outputs,2 channels 4 inputs (high & low),normal channel volume & tone,
trem channel volume, tone, speed & intensity.
I 've got the option of a tube-diode rectifier switch.You can switch from rectifier to tube whithout turning the power off.There are also two speaker outputs,plexi panels and
two speed trem pedal.
It's a simple amp to use with two inputs per channel.Channel one has controls for volume and tone and channel two has intensity and speed controls for the tremolo and volume and tone.


It's a simple amp, very easy to use.I don't miss the bass/middle/trebble controls because the sound is very rich and perfectly well balanced.The tone controls are very efficient and the tremolo was quite a surprise.Frankly, it's by far, the best I've heard.It's so good that I use it,because I usually don't use any effect !The others amps I heard before were not as musical as this one.
You get a great sound whatever the setting up.


It suits jazz to hard rock styles whithout any problem.I use Epiphone Elitists Casino(P90) and Sheraton(mini humbuckers), US made Stat and Tele, and also a Gibson Les Paul standard fadded 50 neck(Burstbuckerspro pickups)and a White Falcon.
It's a true Marshall tone with lots of harmonics.To sum up the all thing, It produces pure beautiful cleans and that great Marshall crunch.It's alo a very musical and responsive amp, without hum.What a change !
Concerning distorsion you 'll have to play loud or get a pedal.It' s excellent with a maxon OD808 overdrive or a blackstar.
The amp is responsive to tubes changes and sounds great with anything.It's just a matter of taste.


I've been using it for two years.I tried Mesa lone star, Peavy classic 50,Fender hotrods and others,and a few Marshalls.None of those can compete with the Retroking 18 watt combo.Can't really find something wrong with it.It's great value for the price.Pro studio musician friend of mine thinks it's an awsome amp,with cleans surprisingly good for a marshall sound amp.
I really confirm my choice !