Randall NB King 112
Randall NB King 112

NB King 112, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Randall.

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iamqman 21/07/2011

Randall NB King 112 : Recensione di iamqman (content in English)

"It ('s A Monster)"

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Randall in connection with Peter King and Nuno Bettencourt set out to capture a new amp for Nuno. This is not an amp that goes back to the tones of Portnograffitti days or even Extreme 1, but more of a newer sound. This amp has a very distinct look to it. It doesn't look like anything that you have ever seen before. Yo have a two tone front grill baffle with Nuno's tattoo signature design on the front left side. In addition to that You have a giant master volume knob that is about three times the size of the normal control knobs.


NB KING 112 Combo Amplifier

Nuno Bettencourt signature 1 x 12" Combo. Same Preamp as NBKING100 but with (4) EL84 powered 30w power section and Celestion 25w Greenback speaker.


3 Channels
CH. 1: Clean Mode
CH. 2: Overdrive Mode
CH. 3: Solo Mode


All Tube • (4) E84 Tubes

30 Watts

Celestion Greenback

EFX Loop
MIDI In/Thru
VU Output Meter


The tone of this amp is nothing spectacular. It sound like a Marshall with a Rat pedal in front of it. However, you will get a better tone in my opinion than the head version. I think either it has something to do with the lower wattage or the El84 power tubes. Not sure but it does sound a bit better than the head version. The gain is thick and up front but it just lacks something that is not explainable. When You hear it there is a tonal quality that just sounds strange to my ears.

You basically get a clean channel and a distortion channel and the optional solo boost. You have almost three channels because the solo boost has a gain control knob so you can set that where you want and it's like having a shared EQ third channel. This is an ok amp for the price but its not anything that jumps out at you. The VU meter that shows you power and voltage is a nice touch on the front of the amp. I have always like that on the front of electronics and thought that would be cool to see on a guitar amplifier and now it has happened.


At new these amps come in right at around $1299. Not a bad price for this amp but not the best amp i the world either. For this price you could own a used Splawn Streetrod which is head and shoulders tone wise above this amp. You won't sound like Nuno with this amp. If you want to sound like him on Extreme's second album then go get an ADA MP1. If you want to sound like him on the first album buy a used Marshall JCM800 and slap a Boss SD-1 in front or a Rat distortion pedal.