Mesa Boogie Lone Star Classic 1x12 Combo
Mesa Boogie Lone Star Classic 1x12 Combo

Lone Star Classic 1x12 Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Mesa Boogie in the Lone Star series.

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Audiofanzine FR 08/12/2008

Mesa Boogie Lone Star Classic 1x12 Combo : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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(Originally written by chris75009/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
- Tube amp with 6L6 tubes, switchable to EL

- 10 watts, 50 watts or 100 watts (choosable per channel)

- Mini toggle switches providing a lot of setting combinations

- Two reverb types.


- Quite complex configuration providing many possibilities

- It's easy to get a good sound but you'll have to be patient if you want to find your own tone, like with every amp in this category... After half an hour you'll understand how the different knobs interact with each other so you can find you personal tone.

- Very good user's manual


- It suits my needs although I play almost every music style (jazz, pop, rock, hard but no metal)

- I play a PRS 513 with a G system, BB preamp, RC booster, AC booster

- Every kind of sound is possible. The clean tone is even better than with a Fender because the low-mids are excellent and let the signal cut through the mix without being aggressive. High-class sound!

- The second channel provides a singing, precise and musical overdrive that responds perfectly to your playing. But not for heavy metal!


- One week

- I like everything about this amp except for its weight and size... but they are still acceptable.

- I change my amp pretty often: Fender, Rivera, Brunetti MC2, Marshall JVM, Mesa Express.