Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 1x12 Combo
Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 1x12 Combo

Express 5:50 1x12 Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Mesa Boogie in the Express series.

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iamqman 08/04/2011

Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 1x12 Combo : Recensione di iamqman (content in English)


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I wish I could work over at Mesa and just play there collection of amps on a daily basis. They have so many wonderful amplifiers to choose from it actually can get a little complicated to pick one.This amplifier is one of the easiest pieces of gear to ever control. It is two channels that has two modes per channel. Which actually makes it a four channel amp because you can switch from them easily with the footswitch.

Another cool feature is the Contour control which acts like a V formation like you would see on the Mark series amps. As you turn is to noon you will get that V formation and dial in an out the highs and lows and you turn is around.


Mesa/Boogie Express 5:50 Combo 50-/5-watt Tube Combo Amp Features:

* Open-back combo
* 1 x 12" C90 speaker
* All tube: 5 x 12AX7A, 2 x 6L6
* Switches from 50-watt Class A/B operation to 5-watt Class A operation
* Fixed bias for consistent performance
* Two fully independent channels with four style modes
* Independent Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Reverb, Master. and Contour controls per channel
* Footswitchable Variable Contour Control on each channel provides EQ from one rotary control
* All-tube long-spring reverb
* All-tube effects loop
* 3-button footswitch (Channel 1/2, Reverb, and Contour)
* Slipcover included


The tone is a typical tone you get and we all have know from Mesa. It is a heavily saturated tone that feels nice and warm and room filling. I started with my favorite mode which is the Burn mode on channel two. Here you will get that familiar Recto tone that you get from the Dual, Triple, Roadster, and Road King rectifier amps.

This amp sounds fantastic with a Strat and humbucker style guitar in front of it. Another great option is running the speaker out to a 4x12 or a 2x12 if you want more air pushed through for a bigger gig or a higher power rock band combo


This is a great amp for someone in a a need for a simple Mesa combo amp who needs a little less power but a few more options than an Electra Dyne amp. You can get all the recto goodness and have a good clean channel for country or pop music. Plus the addition of a crunch feature gets you a solid classic rock tone if so desired.

At new they come in at around $1400. This is good price considering all the features you get with it. I recommend this amp to any guitar player needing a compact amp with enough features to play in any cover band.