Fender The Twin
Fender The Twin

The Twin, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fender.

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Heavyspender 22/04/2008

Fender The Twin : Recensione di Heavyspender (content in English)


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This is the classic tube amp of the ages. I am not sure of the wattage on this model. However, from the volume, I am pretty sure it is at least 60-80 watts per channel, of which this amp has two. With the clean or overdrive channel volume at 2, this amp is already plenty loud enough.
There are two sets of stereo inputs. One set of two is for switching channel mode. And this amp came with the channel switching foot-switch included, which is great. The other set of two is for parallel channel mode. It defaults to the clean channel, and you can pull the volume knob of the distortion channel to switch to it. I guess this is useful if you don't have a foot-switch. On the back there is a foot-switch output, effects loop (preamp out and power amp in), power amp thru output, two extension speaker outputs, one for series and one for parallel. There is also an impedance selector which allows you to select between 4,8 and 16 ohms, which is very cool and makes the amp very versatile. On the front, the clean channel has knobs for volume, treble with boost (by pulling the knob), mid and bass. The distortion channel has gain, treble with boost, mid with boost, and base with boost. It also has a wonderful presence knob and a volume knob. (The one that can be pulled out to select the distortion channel.) Finally, there is a reverb knob that controls both channels.


This amp was bought used, so there is no manual. The general configuration, in my opinion is self explanatory as long as you play with the knobs and inputs long enough. This thing is known for the tone that comes out of it, and it has a wide array of wonderful sounds that I keep discovering from additional use! With this being a vintage tube amp and being considered a vintage "red knob" model, I try not to use this as much. Just power it up from time to time to keep the tubes working or if I need it to impress at an audition. I also plan on using it more primarily for recording. If I am playing stadiums, I guess I can afford to play with this loud, tone-full baby on stage more often to get more volume and that wonderful tube sound!


This is considered a blues/jazz amp, styles which I incorporate into my playing. It is not really a heavy metal amp, but it takes pedals pretty well. However, I frankly don't remember the distortion channel being that good when I first played this amp in the nineties. But I played it recently, and I don't know if it aged gracefully, but I'll put that 2nd channel against many high gain amps today. With the gain at lower levels, you get a nice tube overdrive from this beauty. Set the gain on 10, and you have a great 70's or 80's heavy metal tone, in my opinion. To get thrash metal, death metal, or nu-metal, you will need a pedal. But like I said, this amp takes pedals well. I put a digitech death metal pedal through the clean channel, and it went from pristine heaven to absolute palm muting hell ! Speaking of the clean channel, I agree with many that it is the best in the business. I've played "boutique" amps that cost 3 times more, and their clean sound didn't sound any better. This baby has always been known and liked by me for it's beautiful "glassy" clean sound. It's got the right amount of shimmer and a wonderful thumping low end bass range. I love it, and there's probably nothing about this amp I hate, as far as tones!


My dad bought this in the early nineties. I used it back then, then sporadically since then. As I said, I used it again recently, and with a couple pots being changed, I think this baby gets better with age! I love the volume, the presence, the distortion channel, and that unmistakable clean sound! My Dad and I briefly compared this to other brands, but the glassy clean won us over no problem. Because it is considered vintage, this thing is relatively expensive and hopefully appreciating in value. I think it is worth every penny, so I would get another one if I had the budget, or if I could get one at a steal or deal.