Dr. Z Amplification Carmen Ghia 1x12 - Blonde
Dr. Z Amplification Carmen Ghia 1x12 - Blonde

Carmen Ghia 1x12 - Blonde, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Dr. Z Amplification.

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iamqman 30/10/2011

Dr. Z Amplification Carmen Ghia 1x12 - Blonde : Recensione di iamqman (content in English)

"What a champ amp"

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Dr. Z is a boutique amplifier company that makes very good sounding clean amplifiers that really bring out good solid overdrive when you crank up the volume. They usually feature lowering wattage so they're not going to make your ears bleed when you turn up the volume really loud. They are nice little amplifiers that are very musical and very full of tone. This is a 18 W amplifier that only has to control one for volume and one for tone. This amp is exactly like the black version but just in a cool blonde tolex covering. You get the same great tone and features as the head as well.


Power Output 18 Watts
Output Tubes 2 x EL84
Preamp Tubes 1 x 5751, 1 x 12AX7
Rectifier Tube - 5Y3
Speaker Celestion G12-H30 (optional Celestion Blue)
Controls Volume and Tone
Configuration 1x12 Combo
Dimensions 23" Wide x 20 1/8" High x 10" Depth
Weight 47 lbs


No difference in the tone versus the other models. except the reverb model. The tone if these guitar amps are fantastic and as you crank up the volume you can really hear the notes get bigger and louder. It seems like the notes can just sustain and sing for infinity. You have two EL 84 power tubes which get really nice and juicy thick sustaining tone. They're pretty much one of my favorite if not my favorite power tubes in existence. I just really like the way they feel and respond because they're very articulate but forgiving in spongy at the same time. So you not have any pre-amp gain/ distortion or you will get pure solid power distortions from this amplifier.


There is no up charge for this custom color combination. This amplifier combo you can find new for right around $1349. They're the second leading and most desired amplifier the Dr Z makes. Their boutique amplifier and they sound very amazing at good prices. I recommend this simple amp over many other clean amplifiers because it has a almost perfect clean and great overdrive when you crank up the volume. They're fun little boutique amp and a take effects pedals very well.