Carvin XV-112
Carvin XV-112

XV-112, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Carvin.

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luxi 17/11/2011

Carvin XV-112 : Recensione di luxi (content in English)

"I love it :-)"

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tubes: 3x 12ax7a, 4x EL34.. 100W RMS, 2x 12" british series speakers, 32Kg


the tone controls are +/-18db so it's easy to mess up the sound, you must stay where it sounds good..

this the lead drive channel and hi-lead requires high volume to deliver a good sound


I have a Simon Pinder bodythrough neck with EMG gold active pickups and Kahler mechanics

With a Morley wah in front, a LXP5 in loop and sometimes a H&K speaker emulator on the HP output (with a load capacitor) connected on a LXP1 before in the mixtable I just love it :-)

Now I use it almost always directly plugged on it, when I dont play with my Jamman and MPX G2.. :)

Generally it sounds better (basses) when you set the volume high on the amp and lower the volume on the guitar

Now that I'm older I'm almost only using the clear channel..
The grain, the dynamic are very nice, I love the basses and the warm and slamming sound from the tubes,

I set it like 8(bass) 7(middle) 5(treble) 4(presence) and 1-2 (reverb)... I like using low pass filters


I would buy it again without hesitation, but it's just a subjective advice :-)