Bronx Tube 12
Bronx Tube 12

Tube 12, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Bronx.

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Audiofanzine FR 12/12/2008

Bronx Tube 12 : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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(Originally written by Don_Viviano/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
All-tube amp for blues players.

2 channels: clean and master

Low-impedance and high-impedance inputs, FX loop.

Classic settings: high, mid, low, master gain, presence and reverb controls plus volume on each channel.

I miss a separate EQ per channel and a master boost function.

This amp is expensive!

[Edit 04/27/2008]: The EQ makes me angry. The lead channel sounds very bright so I turn the high control up halfway, but the clean channel has not enough high-end with this setting... That's why I only use the lead channel and adjust the sound with the guitar's volume knob.


Wait 5 minutes before starting to play so that the amp warms up (important if you don't want to replace the tubes very often). The clean sound is impressive but watch out for the highs (especially if you use distortion pedals).

Play with the settings and you'll find nice sound variations for blues, jazz and rock.

I didn't get the user's manual although I bought it new. That's not good because it's my first tube amp and I could have damage it.

[Edit 06/25/2006]

I brought it three times to the store already because the fuse burned and it needed to be repaired! This amp is not reliable at all! I'll keep you informed.

[Edit 11/26/2006]

No problems anymore. I won't revise my last rating (6/10) because it was a wee bit alarming...

[Edit 04/27/2008]

I've had problems with a couple burnt fuses but nothing else.

I increase the mark to 8/10.


Fender-like, crystal-clear clean sound.

I only use the lead channel with a boost pedal (Marshall BB2 in boost mode). Very present, ACDC-like distortion sound.

I play with high output level pickups (one Les Paul with 500T pickups and an other with Schaller 50 Golden humbuckers).

For clean sound I simply turn down the guitar's volume control.


I've been using it for one year. I hadn't had problems until a few days ago when I noticed volume losses and a burnt smell. Since then it has happened several times. When it happens I switch off the amp, let it cool down and power it on again. It makes me a bit uneasy so I will bring the amp to the shop for a check-up.

I tested the Fender HOT ROAD Deluxe, the Marshall 40 DSL, the Peavey Classic 30 and I found the Bronx has a much better clean sound, as well as a lighter and less aggressive overdrive (except for the Peavey).

It's the perfect amp for clean sounds but you'll need some pedals to get a real rock sound.

I would have bought the Fender if the guy at the shop had offered me the same discount as on the Bronx!!

[Edit 06/25/2006]

After one year of use the technical problems start to surface (burnt fuses, repairs, etc.) It's already working again but it's annoying... I'm not sure if this amp is reliable...

8 ---> 5

[Edit 11/26/2006]

I'll increase the mark because I've had no more problem since June.

5 ---> 7