Bad Cat Mini Cat II
Bad Cat Mini Cat II

Mini Cat II, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Bad Cat.

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moosers 14/06/2010

Bad Cat Mini Cat II : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Bad Cat Mini Cat II is a small practice guitar amplifier with a big sound. It's also a really simple amplifier in terms of it's characteristics. It's got a single 1/4" input for your instrument in the front, and the preamp contains a 12AX7 tube. It's got a single channel and a single 12" speaker as well. It's also got a small handle on top, making it easy to carry from place to place if necessary. The amp only has 5 watts of power, but it's definitely a powerful 5 watts.


Using the Bad Cat Mini Cat II couldn't really be any simpler. It's got only basic parameters to work with, containing knobs for volume, bass, treble, and master volume. It's also got a ohmage selector in the back of it as well. It's pretty easy to tell that there isn't too much to know about the amp, so I don't believe users will need a manual.


For an amp this small with only five watts, the Bad Cat Mini Cat II has a truly amazing sound. It packs much more punch than I was expecting it to when I used it in a recording studio setting. I don't know if I'd bring it out for a live show unless you're playing a smaller venue, but for recording at a low level and for practicing, this is a flawless amplifier. I've used it with a Fender Stratocaster and without any effects, but we did have it up pretty loud to get some overdrive from it. The sound we got on the recording was just about as good of a sound as I've gotten from most amps, let alone one with only five watts of power! The clean tones ended up being better than the dirty ones, but across the board we all were extremely pleased with the results.


I don't have a plethora of experience with the Bad Cat Mini Cat II, but really all it took was one listen to know that this amp is the real deal. It's definitely much more expensive than you'll pay for other amps for this size. In fact, it will cost you as much as many larger amps will! However, if you're looking for the ultimate portable/practice amplifier, look no further than the Mini Cat II.