Ampeg Gemini II
Ampeg Gemini II

Gemini II, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Ampeg.

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moosers 04/09/2010

Ampeg Gemini II : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Ampeg Gemini II is an electric guitar combination amplifier consisting of two separate channels. I don't know what year(s) this amp was made, but they seem to be pretty rare. This is indeed a tube amplifier, consisting of a single speaker and two sets of 1/4" inputs for each channel. Each channel has both an input for guitar and one for accordion! Of course I presume this is a joke, and a pretty funny one at that. It also has built in tremolo and reverb effects.


The configuration of the Ampeg Gemini II is pretty simple, with recognizable parameters for sure. Each channel has knobs for bass, treble, and volume, with the left channel having parameters for the tremolo for speed and intensity, and the right channel having a reverb level knob. I don't believe that any users will be feeling lost, so no manual should be necessary.


The Ampeg Gemini II is a really great sounding guitar amplifier. We have one of these at the studio where I'm currently working and it doesn't see as much use as it should. However, when it does it brings a smile to the face of the user. It has a great low end presence, which I guess is a byproduct of the fact that Ampeg mostly makes bass amps. Due to this it has a lot of grit and crunch, and can really hold down your guitar tone. I've used the Gemini II with a few different guitars, and it definitely brings out the best in each. The built in effects are pretty good, but not as good as those you'll find on a Fender amp.


Overall, the Ampeg Gemini II is a great guitar amp, and one that is little known at that. It's great that it has the two separate channels, giving you flexibility and wiggle room in your sounds. The Gemini II is perfect for use in the studio, but would work well under any circumstances. My guess would be that it would be pretty hard to find this amp for sale out there, as it really doesn't seem like they made too many of them. However, if you're interested in one I'd keep your ears and eyes out for one as it would definitely be worth the wait if you couldn't get one right away!