65amps Monterey combo 112
65amps Monterey combo 112

Monterey combo 112, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from 65amps.

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iamqman 15/02/2012

65amps Monterey combo 112 : Recensione di iamqman (content in English)

"Live from Monterrey"

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65 amps have a great ear for natural tone and gain that many other amplifier manufacturers either don't or refuse to do. They have really designed their amps to give a better feeling and joy to playing that guitar that is almost a selling point without even hearing any of their amps. I would put stock into their amps because I have seen and heard the attention to detail in the sound that they generate from their amps. They have a great feel and that is rich and full of tone that makes them a joy to play.



All tube amplifier with custom circuitry
American and British tones
Bump function for kicking in overdrive
Master Voltage circuitry allows full sound at any volume
Reductive Master improves tone at lower volumes


I would not call this amp a very high gain amp but it can do pretty much every tone that you can think of or imagine. This is an amp that recreates some of the best tones from the Brits all the way to the Cali West Coast. If you are looking for an amp that can cover a vast array of possible sounds than this is the amp to own. I really like that it is 38 watts of power because of the great sound you can get with its 6V6 power tubes installed in the power section. This amp can get a nice bump in gain from the Bump switch and the two channels really allow the user to get a clarity of tone that many of amps seem to miss.


These amps come in new fir right around $3000, which is a bit of a high price for most. This I would say is a professionals amp and for someone who has been around the block a while and knows exactly what they want. I am a fan of the 65 guys and almost everything they set out to do comes to the consumer a great fantastic product. These amps do feel and sound great and if you can squander up the money i would suggest picking one up. What I really enjoy from this company is that they has such a great attention to detail that makes their amps really shine through all of the other manufacturers out there in the industry.