Lovetone Wobulator
Lovetone Wobulator

Wobulator, Tremolo/Vibrato per chitarra from Lovetone.

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moosers 07/11/2010

Lovetone Wobulator : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Lovetone Wobulator is a stereo tremolo/vibrato/panning pedal. The pedal is an analog one, consisting of 1/4" jacks for stereo outputs, input, and for controlling the LFO with either a trigger or expression pedal. It isn't rackable as it's a foot controlled pedal.


Using the Lovetone Wobulator isn't too difficult, but it definitely helps to break it down a bit. There are two separate oscillators in this pedal, each with their own controls for the left and right channels. The pedal has four modes - tremulant, panner, vibrato, and dual trem. It then gives you separate left and right controls for the LFO rates and depth. It also has a wave type parameter and separate buttons for engaging the left and right channels. A manual may be helpful, but certainly not necessary here.


The sound of the Lovetone Wobulator in general makes it one of the best sounding tremolo/vibrato pedals I've ever used. The dual channel thing really opens up a world of possibilities not normally there when working in mono. Having independent control over the parameters on each channel is huge! All of the modes on here are awesome, but I've mostly used the pedal for it's tremolo and vibrato. I haven't actually used this pedal with two separate amplifiers in stereo, but it's something I'd love to try as I'm sure the results would be outstanding. It's hard to describe the quality of this pedal overall, but once you plug it in and try it for yourself you'll know exactly what I mean...


The Lovetone Wobulator is probably the most complete tremolo/vibrato/panner pedal that I've ever used before. The amount of control you have available to you between the four different modes and the two separate oscillators is outstanding. The price of the pedal however, will stop a lot of people from being able to pick this pedal up. Unless you're using these effects on a daily basis it's probably not worth it. However, it's an impeccable tool to have in the studio and really anywhere if you can afford it!