Schaller Strap Locks
Schaller Strap Locks

Strap Locks, Tracolla e Attacco Chitarra from Schaller.

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darkwolf291 03/04/2011

Schaller Strap Locks : Recensione di darkwolf291 (content in English)

"Best Straplocks around"

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These are the best strap locks I've ever used. I've used Dunlop, Plant Waves Locking Straps, and Ernie Ball, and these have proved to be the best. Their Horseshoe design makes them basically fail-proof. You can set them up so that the strap rests in the U shape so even IF they failed, the guitar wouldn't fall. You don't need to worry about them failing though because they won't. An acquaintance of mine has been using a pair for over ten years and they work the same as they did when they were new. Unlike Dunlop's ball bearing design, this won't wear down over time. The Dunlops' ball bearing system can wear down over time and that can and will cause it to fail. We all know what happens when strap locks fail. The pair I had failed after 2 years and I have a chip on my guitar from where it fell. The ball bearings wore out and didn't hold the strap lock together. Because of their design, Schallers shouldn't fail like that. I'm not saying they're fail proof, but they are very well built and super sturdy and secure, and can be set up to be as fail-proof as possible. As with anything, they have their flaws. The washer and nut are a bit small, and could slip out of the hole in the strap. This has happened on one of my older, worn out straps, but not on my new one. Despite that, I have 100% faith in them. Only thing I worry about is my strap breaking. These have been 100% perfect for me so far, and I believe they are the best strap locks on the market. Everything else I've used have fallen short for me and just haven't cut it. These do. They're the best around. They will work just as fine as they did on day 10,000 as they did on day one.