Martin & Co Guitar Strap Button
Martin & Co Guitar Strap Button

Guitar Strap Button, Tracolla e Attacco Chitarra from Martin & Co.

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moosers 05/07/2010

Martin & Co Guitar Strap Button : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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Martin & Co's Guitar Strap Button is a simple strap that allows you to use a guitar strap with an acoustic guitar that doesn't have a button for it on the neck. My Martin guitar doesn't have one, so I needed something like this if I wanted to use a strap with it. This of course is necessary for playing live shows! All you have to do is attach this around the headstock of your guitar, and you're then able to attach a strap right onto it. It stays on well, as I've never had a problem with it falling off or anything like that. I've had mine for a number of years, and unless I lose it I don't see myself needing another one anytime soon. I do have a few other acoustic guitars other than my Martin that also don't have a button for a strap, as it seems like most acoustic guitars out there do not have one. I also use it on my Guild D25, so it works on any brand of acoustic guitar. I don't know of any other strap buttons like this one made by other companies, so I can't compare it to another brand's version of this. Martin's Guitar Strap Button is cheap enough that if you were to need a few of them it wouldn't be a big deal to pick up as many as needed. For me I only need one, as it's easy enough to switch it from guitar to guitar as needed. I can't really say too much more about this strap, as it's pretty self explanatory what it does and if you were to need it or not. If you're currently not able to use a strap with your acoustic guitar, the best remedy that I know of is Martin's Guitar Strap Button.