Pearl Tom 15" érable 70's
Pearl Tom 15" érable 70's

Tom 15" érable 70's, Tom from Pearl.

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superapollo 26/09/2008

Pearl Tom 15" érable 70's : Recensione di superapollo (content in English)


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To create the sound you want, don't be afraid to compromise style or looks. When piecing together my set about one year ago, I added the erable 70's tom to get the sound I wanted, and get the next step up in my tom arrangement. Find this tom, and find it often. I love big fills, and adding tom into the non fill times as well. Put some tom in the right place during the pre-chorus or chorus, and you'll be pleased with the results. Once I got the head adjusted to the right bounce and preferable sound, I find myself looking for my toms often during play. I'm going to lay down a solid beat, that's step 1, but toms should not be reserved for just special moments, when you can add that specialness throughout the songs. I love to hear them sing. I chose Pearl, I'm happy with Pearl, there's lots of good stuff to be had, I chose Pearl because the quality matches the price. Keep rocking the tomkins baby!