Fender Bassman (1963)
Fender Bassman (1963)

Bassman (1963), Testata amplificatore per basso from Fender in the Bassman series.

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denied 31/07/2011

Fender Bassman (1963) : Recensione di denied (content in English)

"The best blues tone around"

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- Totally handwired (turret)
- Two independent channels
- Two inputs per channel
- Channel controls for volume, bass, treble
- Master presence control
- 50 watt head
- Solid state rectified
- Speaker, external speaker outs
- All tube: 12ax7 preamp section, 6l6 power tubes


Piece of cake. Plug in, set two tone controls and volume, and you are set. No channel switching, no master volume, no BS to deal with, just pure vintage Fender circuitry. Each channel is totally independent, so you can plug in multiple instruments/vocals without getting canceling or noise issues. Each channel has two inputs, input 2 has a bit of a gain pad on it. It isn’t too heavy like most Fender heads, and is pretty much indestructible. I’ve seen these fall down stairs without any damage save the tubes. They are pretty old, so know that tubes and filter caps may need to be replaced. The amp reacts beautifully to pretty much any pedal I’ve used with it, though there is obviously not an effects loop.


Pure bliss. It really is just the perfect blues amp. Very warm and round cleans, with just the right amount of grit when you dig in. When you can plug in to an amp and get a killer sound without any twiddling, you know you’re on to a keeper. That’s what this is. Great tone on just about any settings with every guitar I’ve run through it. The true presence control is a really fantastic feature that dials high end and sparkle back into the amp, and a much more useful control than the bright switches in later black and silverface models. These came stock with solid state rectifiers, so are less spongy and saggy. I’ve had a tube rectifier modded into mine which is pretty easy and nonintrusive, but that’s all personal preference.


If you can find one of these at a decent price, hold on to it. The blonde head was a transitional model between the tweed 4x10 and the blackface head, only made for a few years (mine is a ’63). It is somewhat of a sleeper model, though steadily gaining in popularity. Blonde Bassmans (men?) aren’t quite as expensive as other amps from that era. If you still find it out of your price range, the black face era amps are excellent, and run in the range of 5-600 USD. Another option is the Bassman channel on the newer production super-sonic.
This is my favorite amp for warm cleans, and I recommend it highly.

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