Ashdown MAG 300R Head
Ashdown MAG 300R Head

MAG 300R Head, Testata amplificatore per basso from Ashdown in the MAG series.

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Audiofanzine FR 14/12/2008

Ashdown MAG 300R Head : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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(Originally written by seb_c_bien/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Solid-state amp.

Passive / active input.

Octaver effect (it's only a toy)

Bright and deep controls, EQ.


Very easy to use


My setup: Ibanez ATK-300, the amplifier head and one 15" Fender Bassman speaker cabinet.

I was surprised: the sound is very warm. I find the output power could be higher but you'll have enough sound for rehearsals and live gigs. Typical classic rock sound (one might even say vintage). You get distortion pretty fast (I like that). But given that the EQ is not what I would call effective, the amp is not very versatile so you'll have to test it before buying it. The sound is always round and I like its growling low-end and the low mids. It could have more brilliance and more attack to satisfy me. I find the Deep control very effective and powerful. It produces an impressively round and wide sound. On the contrary, the Bright control is rather ineffective but it allows you to add a bit more precision to the sound. The integrated octaver effect is really bad!

The comprehensive connections give you a lot of versatility, which isn't the case with the sound. You can't really compare it to an Ampeg, it's two different worlds altogether. I find the sound fatter and rounder than with an Ampeg, but an Ampeg has much more punch and power. It depends on your budget and taste.

As soon as I can I'll add a 2x10" speaker cabinet to have more dynamics.

I think this amp is not conceived for slapping!

It sounds too round, warm and growling.